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About Doug McClure and his NEK-based PC/tech services company in Hardwick, VT.

Doug McClure has founded, a locally-owned NEK-based PC/tech services company based in Hardwick, VT. He has been working with the internet since its very beginning. When the internet was still gaining acceptance in many parts of the country, he formed one of the first locally-owned internet service providers in a town with subpar phone company internet. That business grew to include most towns in the state, serving individuals and businesses by leveraging new technologies for top-tier service.

After selling that business, he moved to New England and focused on business-to-business services with clients in over half a dozen countries on three continents. Among the clients were a Fortune 500 company and a medical startup with a complex networking project and stringent regulatory hurdles.

He has been involved in multiple internet startup businesses. Most recently Doug worked with a social media startup in New York. The work required collaborating directly with senior engineers at companies such as Sun Microsystems.

From the beginning of his work, and before that as a teenager, he saw a constant need for individuals trying to get themselves online or just needing basic help with their computers. Too often the available options were more focused on upsells and getting people to buy things they didn’t need.

He moved to Hardwick in 2015. In 2017, he began working with the Hardwick Gazette, first as an IT consultant, then as a photographer and reporter. Currently, he has purchased a home in Hardwick where he will continue his work helping people and businesses and providing NEK-based PC/tech services.

After seeing first-hand the NEK’s internet challenges and reporting on those, he seeks to focus on the NEK and help people and growing businesses overcome those challenges.