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NEK-based Business PC and Network Services

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Over A Quarter-Century of Expertise in Business Networking and Systems

Since 1994, proprietor Doug McClure has provided top-tier business solutions to businesses small and large. Customers have ranged from SoHo-sized small businesses with a handful of devices and basic needs to a Fortune 500 company, a medical device company with stringent HIPAA requirements, town governments, and region-wide deployment of internet services to multiple businesses.

For any business, the most basic consideration is that end-users are able to work the systems with minimal training and maximum results. Businesses must pay close attention to their network security to avoid unpleasant and expensive surprises. At the same time, business networks must be flexible, resilient, and reliable, capable of going mobile or expanding at a moment’s notice.

Our goal is to engineer a bespoke solution that will meet or exceed your needs while allowing for growth and future opportunities. works within your budgetary constraints.

Due to security concerns, strongly recommends using internet connection hardware not supplied by the service provider but instead maintained by

The Site Visit

In many cases, the optimal way to achieve a solution will be on-site visits. Where multiple users will be working with the systems, it will be critical to see first-hand the ecosystem your network will live in. Once the solution is up and running, employee training, most importantly in the areas of security, can be vital.

Multi-site installations can increase complexity and therefore require visits to each installation to determine and account for the factors unique to that site.

For single-site visits, the initial consultation rate is $205 excluding travel. will provide a detailed report with recommendations. Should you decide to proceed with the work, half of that initial visit rate will be applied to ongoing work. For travel rates by town, please click here.

Typical Business Services

The range of technological solutions we can offer businesses is broad, but these are some of the typical applications we have performed in the past. We have broad experience to provide the best NEK-based PC/tech and Networking Services for Businesses.

  • Starter solutions for businesses looking to do a minimalist yet scalable internet connection and network
  • Network design/development/deployment, including remote/satellite options
  • Systems recommendations, supplying new systems, and configuration with Linux-based and Windows-based key components
  • Internet configuration for security and speed
  • VPN solutions
  • Simple website deployment, with options for redundancy and fail-over, using state-of-the-art SSL encryption and high-grade virtualized server solutions
  • Basic e-Commerce solutions including development, design and deployment, payment integrations through PayPal, Square, Stripe, or other payment processors
  • Business-grade Linux-based server solutions for internal or external use

Future-Resistant, Forward Thinking

For any system, and especially business solutions, it is important to keep devices and components current to meet new demands, opportunities, and threats. offers maintenance contracts to meet your needs and keep your network running optimally.

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