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NEK-based PC/tech services for Your Home

Get In Touch for PC Help offers NEK-based PC/tech services for your home systems. From simple to complicated, we have the experience and know-how to solve your PC problems.

Personalized, Professional, Efficient

With nearly a quarter-century of experience in PCs, has seen virtually every issue that can arise with new and old systems. Our goal is to solve your particular issue as effectively and efficiently as possible within your budget, with a keen eye on avoiding security issues that commonly pop up on home PCs as well as maximizing performance.

Bring it By, Or We’ll Come to You.

We recognize not everyone has the time (or nerves and patience) to sit around and wait while a technician works on their system. We can arrange a drop-off either in Hardwick, or meet you halfway. Alternately, can perform on-site solutions within a 25-mile radius of Hardwick, Vermont. Due to fuel prices, we do have to charge for mileage — please click here for pricing. Or, click here to get in touch for PC help.


Examples of Home Services

The most typical service call is from someone wanting to set up a new home network and WiFi, or upgrade an old connection or their devices. With the increasing popularity of smart appliances, some people also want to get them connected as well. We can help with all of the above, and we can also make recommendations about replacing old devices with new ones. Or, if you’re looking for something bespoke for your needs we can sometimes do CustomBuild systems tailored just for you. can work with the internet provider’s hardware for WiFi if desired but does not recommend using that hardware for more than connecting to the internet for security reasons. We can recommend a WiFi solution for you.

Got an older system or one that’s gotten clogged up over the years with junk? We can help do a full system reset to its original factory shine in most cases.

Our initial consultation fee for basic solutions is $45. We will produce a report with recommendations, issues we’ve identified including priorities, and go from there.

A word about older systems: We generally do not service Windows versions earlier than Windows 10 without the upgrade to Windows 10. Most systems running Windows 7 and 8 can not receive security updates any longer, and with security one of our top concerns, we would advise letting us upgrade your system to Windows 10 (or 11 if possible) which typically costs nothing in terms of Microsoft software and $45/hour in our time. If for some reason an older system cannot accept Windows 10, will return the device to you as-is with the hourly fees at a discounted rate.

Keeping Your Systems Humming

Despite all the advances over the years, no setup can truly be expected to be a “fix it and forget it” solution. New technologies emerge as well as new threats. To keep systems and devices up-to-date and running we can offer ongoing monthly or bi-monthly appointments.

Advanced Home Services

If your solution requires something more complicated, we can also provide consultation as well as be there for you every step of the way. We will work with you after the initial consultation, which is typically $65.

We can also perform hardware upgrades, such as internal modems, memory, graphics cards, and more.

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